Quorn & Woodhouse Station History

Quorn & Woodhouse Station, Leicestershire See Details

Mr Brian Axon has kindly supplied us with a historical article about Quorn & Woodhouse Station. The information in the article was given to Brian by Quorn historian, Mr Don Wix, with many of the details supplied by Mr Harold Hackney, a member of the station staff in the 1920's. It is with Mr Axon's and Mr Wix's kind permission that we publish the article.

I am the Loughborough Central Station Master, but I happen to live in the small village of Woodhouse Eaves, which means that Quorn & Woodhouse Station is our very own station, and has been almost continuously for over 100 years. It is now looked after very well by Bruce Pollard and his staff. As a member of our Local History Group, I was contacted by Quorn historian, Don Wix, who gave me some fascinating information about the station in its earlier days. Most of these details were provided by Harold Hackney, who was a member of the station staff in the 1920's. For those readers who are not familiar with this area, I should mention that Beaumanor Hall is one of England's stately homes, dating back to the 1600's. Owned by the Herrick family, who also owned most of the land and properties in this area. It is now in the care of Leicestershire County Council.