Quorn & Woodhouse Station, Leicestershire

Looking down from the Forest Road girder overbridge towards the Great Central station at Quorn & Woodhouse. This is a view that could be had at the majority of stations on the Last Main Line, built as they were to a standard design. The covered staircase on the right of the picture led down from the bridge, and brought people onto the single 'island' platform. A small canopy was built around the ticket office, then followed a waiting room and a square toilet block. See on Route Map

Digital Reference: L2141
Creator: Hartley, R. F. - 1975-06-14
Contributor: Leicestershire County Council
Type: Black and White
Format: 127mm, 177mm
Copyright: Hartley, R. F.
Source: Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland (part of DE 1897, copy of Original Negative)
Identifier: DE 1897/241
OS Reference: 454900 316200