A 176 yard (161 metre) brick arch viaduct on the northern outskirts of Loughborough that carried the London Extension across the River Soar. See Details

I have many memories of the LNER. I remember before the war living in Falcon Street, which went right up to the railway bank and the noise the overnight expresses made. The whole street used to shake.
At the age of fourteen (1941) I started work at Coltman's Boiler Works, which was directly opposite the station, and observed the activities until I was 18 when I was called into the army.
I remember seeing the evacuees as they arrived for distribution around town and of course the troop and war movements.
My father used to send me (during the war) to fetch coal off the railway bank over the big meadows, and the eleven arches, which was and still is a wonderful site.
Just after the war our family used to go to Ramsgate for our annual holiday, and we caught the overnight train which, I believe, went direct arriving early morning.

The large blue brick viaduct that carried the Last Main Line across the River Soar at Loughborough Meadow. As the river marks the county boundary, the northern section of the viaduct lies in Nottinghamshire, whilst the southern end (seen here) is in Leicestershire. See Details