L.N.E.R hand bill advertising bank holiday excursions

This hand bill was produced by the London & North Eastern Railway in 1926 to advertise its cheap excursions which were available for the August bank holiday. In common with similar excursions that had been running since the Great Central Railway began (the G.C.R. had been absorbed into the L.N.E.R. in 1923), passengers had to travel third class; they could not bring luggage onto the train, and had to make the return journey on the same day.

Digital Reference: L2708
Creator: Great Central Railway - 1926-07
Contributor: Leicestershire County Council
Type: hand bill
Format: 255mm, 160mm
Copyright: Leicestershire County Council
Source: Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland (document Railway advertisement)
Identifier: 201/1958/D/20/28