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Going Loco! - The Locomotives of the London Extension

During the seventy years that the Great Central Railway's London Extension was in operation, a wide variety of locomotives were used over the route. Many came from the pen of John G. Robinson, the GCR's Chief Mechanical Engineer, but others eventually found a home on the line that were built for entirely different railways altogether.

This exhibition takes a look at some of these giants of steam, and aims to provide an impression of just what the early 'trainspotter' might have seen. The majority of the locomotives featured will have worked over the London Extension at some point in their lives, but others, such as the Metropolitan Railway locomotives, are featured because of their association with the GCR. There will also be a small section given over to the locomotives that did not make it onto the main line to London, but did work on the GCR's other line from Manchester to Sheffield.

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4-4-0 Express locomotive in a cutting near Birstall

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