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Railway Archive: The Last Main Line Route

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All records from Eydon map

Ref. Title X Coord Y Coord
L1416 Girder overbridge under the East & West Railway 454200 251600
L1419 Girder overbridge and track laying 454200 251600
L1420 Centrings for Eydon-Woodford Road bridge 454000 251600
L1421 Brick arch overbridge, Woodford, Northamptonshire 454000 251500
L1471 Girder overbridge and contractor's railway, Northamptonshire 454700 250900
L1472 Culvert over a stream at Eydon, Northamptonshire 455400 250000
L1474 Brick arch occupation underbridge, near , Northamptonshire 455700 249700
L1475 Girder underbridge, Eydon, Northamptonshire 455100 250500
L1476 Brick arch occupation underbridge and cattle, Eydon, Northamptonshire 455300 250200
L1477 Building the girder overbridge near Woodford Halse, Northamptonshire 454200 251600
L1478 Girder overbridge being built at Woodford Halse, Northamptonshire 454200 251600
L1561 Banbury Branch Junction, Culworth, Northamptonshire 455500 250000
L1872 Junction and signal box near Culworth, Northamptonshire 455500 250000
L1873 Brick arch underbridge and mineral wagons near Culworth 455500 249700
L1874 Culvert and Great Central wagons near Culworth, Northamptonshire 455500 249900
L1875 Brick arch overbridge on the Banbury Branch line near Culworth 455200 249000
L1877 Girder underbridge and Great Central wagons 455400 249400
L2236 Signal box and permanent way on the Banbury Branch 453600 247200
L2341 The Great Central junction at Woodford, Northamptonshire 454000 252000
L2912 Girder bridge over the Last Main Line near Woodford 454400 251300
L2918 Brick arch bridge north of Culworth Station 456100 249000
L2919 Culworth Station under construction 456400 248300
L3004 Brick arch bridge construction near Woodford 454100 251700
L3005 Brick arch bridge construction near Woodford 454100 251700
L3007 Drainage lines at a cutting near Woodford 454100 251700
L3008 Contractor's locomotive at the site of the junction at Woodford 454100 252000
L3011 Brick arch overbridge and permanent way near Woodford 454000 251500
L3015 Cutting and permanent way near Woodford 454000 252000
L3336 Plate girder underbridge carrying the Banbury Branch through Eydon Road, Culworth. 453700 247300

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