Thompson Class 04/8 at Sheffield Darnall Shed

When Edward Thompson took over as Chief Mechanical Engineer of the LNER, he set about the production of a new fleet of standardised locomotives. To test his different design theories, Thompson rebuilt many of the locomotives built by his predecessors, including several of John Robinson's 8K (later 04) 2-8-0 freight engines. The rebuilt locomotives emerging with modified cabs and higher pressure boilers, although from the frames down they were still as Robinson had designed them. They were classified as 04/8's, and this example, No. 63881, was photographed at Darnall Shed, Sheffield in 1960. See on Route Map

Digital Reference: L3523
Creator: Mullett, J. P. - 1960-06-18
Contributor: Colour-Rail
Type: Colour
Format: 23mm, 35mm
Copyright: Colour-Rail
Source: Colour-Rail (part of The Colour-Rail Collection)
Identifier: 1866?
OS Reference: 438900 387700