Hand drawn map of the Marylebone district, as drawn by S. W. A. Newton

As a thank you to all of the contractors who had given him permission to photograph their works, S. W. A. Newton produced photographic albums of the railway construction as a gift for the contractor in question. Each album was bound in red leather and lettered in golf leaf. Inside, Newton produced hand drawn maps of the contract limits which accompanied the photographs. This map is taken from the album for Contract No. 7 (Marylebone to Canfield Place) which was presented to J. T. Firbank who built that section of line.

Digital Reference: L3465
Creator: Newton, S. W. A. - circa 1900
Publisher: Leicestershire County Council
Type: Colour
Format: 245mm, 300mm
Copyright: Leicestershire County Council
Source: Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland (copy of Map, part of DE 6479)
Identifier: DE 6479