The former Jarvis Street entrance to Leicester Central Station in July 2002.

In contrast to the ornate frontage on Great Central Street, the rear entrance to Leicester Central Station on Jarvis Street was much less imposing. The nature of the station, being built on top of the viaduct, meant that access to the platforms was achieved via stairs or a lift from ground level. This passage would have led through to the main booking office on the other side of the station. The inventive use of brickwork around the entrance is worth noting in this July 2002 view. See on Route Map

Digital Reference: L3049
Creator: Boyd-Hope, G. M. - 2002-07-19
Contributor: Boyd-Hope, G. M.
Type: Colour
Format: 127mm, 177mm
Copyright: Boyd-Hope, G. M.
Source: Boyd-Hope, G. M. (part of G. M. Boyd-Hope Collection, copy of Original Negative)
Identifier: GMBH - 62
OS Reference: 458100 304700