Navvy Mission Cottage, Bulwell, Nottingham

Next door to the Navvy Mission Hut in Bulwell, Nottingham was this small white cottage - given over to use as a navvy lodging. The sign on the wall of the whitewashed cottage reads ' The Navvy Mission - Good Samaritan Home. One Night's Free Lodgings - Given Only To Navvies In Tramp'. It is then undersigned by David Smith - Missionary. A man stands outside the cottage door who may well be David Smith. A woman is captured in motion on the left of the picture, just about to pass a hole on the cottage's boundary wall. The actual Mission Hut can be seen on the right.

Digital Reference: L1226
Creator: Newton, S. W. A. - 18970724
Contributor: Leicestershire County Council
Type: Black & White
Format: 118mm, 161mm
Copyright: Leicestershire County Council
Source: S. W. A. Newton Collection - Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland (part of S. W. A. Newton Collection, copy of glass plate negative)
Identifier: Newton - C 3/3