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Railway Archive: The Last Main Line Route

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All records from Twyford map

Ref. Title X Coord Y Coord
L1003 Contractors' 0-6-0 saddletank locomotive, COREA. 468800 224300
L1074 Contractors' 0-6-0 saddletank locomotive, TRAFALGAR. 468000 225800
L1101 Contractors' 0-6-0 saddletank locomotive, J. R. WRIGHT. 466665 226715
L1137 Double-span steel girder overbridge at Calvert Station, Buckinghamshire. 468800 224800
L1387 Calvert station, Buckinghamshire 468900 224400
L1389 Navvy Mission hut, Calvert, Buckinghamshire 468000 224000
L1403 Brick arch underbridge near Twyford, Buckinghamshire 466000 226000
L1453 Girder overbridge and contractor's crossing 468800 224800
L1606 Girder bridge crossing the London & North Western Railway near Calvert, Buckinghamshire 468100 225500
L1649 Marsh Gibbon and Pounden station, Buckinghamshire 465100 224600
L1650 Marsh Gibbon and Pounden station, Buckinghamshire 465100 224600
L1674 Occupation crossing near Twyford, Buckinghamshire 466100 227200
L1675 Brick arch bridge over the permanent way near Twyford, Buckinghamshire 465000 227000
L1676 Culvert near Twyford, Buckinghamshire 466400 226900
L1677 Brick arch overbridge, Twyford, Buckinghamshire 466000 227000
L1686 Marsh Gibbon & Poundon station, Buckinghamshire 465100 224600
L1689 Underbridge near Twyford, Northamptonshire 466800 226600
L1707 Girder underbridge near Twyford, Buckinghamshire 467700 226000
L1710 Bricklayers at Twyford, Buckinghamshire 467300 226200
L2425 Calvert signal box and signalman 468800 224600
L2830 Mr. Overman with his bicycle near Calvert 469700 224700
L2831 Two children on a bench near Twyford 467300 225900
L2837 Girder bridge near Calvert, Buckinghamshire 468100 225600
L2851 Temporary bridge at Twyford 466400 226800
L2852 Great Central bridge across the L.N.W.R. at Calvert 468200 225600
L2854 Great Central girder bridge over the L.N.W.R. near Calvert 468200 225600
L2858 Lady and ducks at a farm near Calvert 469700 224700
L2909 Navvies on the site of Calvert Station 468900 224700
L3089 Navvies at work on the site of Calvert Station 468800 224600
L3090 Calvert Station under construction 468800 224600
L3434 Brick arch overbridge in Twyford, Buckinghamshire 467300 226200
L3436 Cutting with overbridge in Twyford, Buckinghamshire 465300 227700
L3439 Culvert in Goddington, Oxfordshire 465000 227900

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